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The Vers Murse Phone Bag

The Vers Murse Phone Bag

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Introducing the VERS MURSE! Our BRAND NEW, specially designed phone bag to carry your phone, your credit cards/cash, and all your festival and party supplies.

The Vers Murse comes with an adjustable waist belt AND an adjustable arm/leg strap! You can wear it around your waist, around your arm, OR around your leg. It's totally VERS!

It's large enough to hold an iPhone 14 Pro Max, has a hidden zippered pocket on the inside, and clips on the outside zippers to deter those pesky pickpockets! 

But also check out our Fan Holster and LED Waist Belts, made specifically for the Vers Murse! Choose which accessories you want! 

LED Waist Belts come with a mini-USB cable to recharge its batteries!  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Best purchase ever!

All I need at a show/fest nowadays (since my crew is huge and love to carry Camelbaks and I’m not necessarily a fan) is my phone, fan, and other tiny purse essentials. The Vers Murse has been an absolute GODSEND with this! I can carry my vape, ID, phone, fan, concert tickets, credit card, chapstick, and more with this bag! I kept getting compliments and being asked where I bought it from when I recently attended Triple Rainbow. I felt like a badass whipping my fan out whenever I got hot from dancing and being able to holster it by the next beat drop. The bag aspect has clips for your zipper, as well as a pretty tough to use zipper in general, which is a little difficult to open when inebriated/in the dark, but keeps me feeling safe knowing no one can get in my bag if even I can’t at times lol. Last but not least, turning on the LEDS at night made it so easy for my friends to find me at the show, this product is so unique and amazing I can’t believe I found it!

Love it

LOVE the design and the size of it. The security zippers are very cool. Great innovative design. Highly recommend.

Joel Kimmel-Staebler
Can't wait to use it

The fan holster is a little tight when you first get it, but it's perfect after working it a bit and storing a fan in it for a bit.

The phone holster is great, I have a Samsung Galaxy S22+ in an Otter case, and I can *just* squeeze it in. The security clips on the zippers are understandably very difficult to undo, so if you're operating under diminished motor skills for any reason... you might need help 😅

Overall, this is definitely going to improve my experience!


This vers murse (love the name) is the favorite little bag I have ever owned! I love bringing it to festivals - it holds everything I need and is not too bulky. The fan holder is genius and I like the pink lights around my waist

Functional and stylish

Great purchase. Not overly bulky but can still fit in a light shirt. Cannot wait to take it to the pride parties.