2024 Atlantis Oasis Cruise Costume Guide

2024 Atlantis Oasis Cruise Costume Guide

Do you have all of your costumes ready for the January Atlantis Oasis cruise? If not, then let us help you!

To help you get your creative juices flowing, here's a costume shopping guide for you categorized by the party themes!


But first of all, if you're not an Amazon Prime member yet, I suggest you get yourself at least the 30-day free trial so your items can get to you ASAP. Because if you need to return it (which returns are also free) you will have time to get another shipment in before it's too late! Start your prime membership by clicking HERE!


Dog Tag T-Dance

"The troops come home for Allantis longest-running signature afternoon party. Show your creative strength at our first big outdoor party inspired by the joys of men in (small) uniforms. We'll provide souvenir dog tags, you do the rest."

The Dog Tag T-Dance is always the first T-Dance (daytime party) that you'll have on the cruise. It's the first chance to really get to know your fellow cruisers! You'll be given a military dog tag where you can put different colored stickers on it to show how "available" you are. Red means you're taken, green means you're fully available, and yellow means "ask first." And everyone is going to be dressed in their military best. So here are a few ideas for you to dress to impress! (Just click on each pic to be taken to its Amazon page)


Think Pink T-Dance

 "Pink is in! It’s everywhere this year and hotter than ever. From Barbie butch to fluffy fantastic, throw on your favorite interpretation for a hot afternoon of frivolous dolled up fun!"


Revival! Classic Disco T-Dance

Evening Parties

Starship Atlantis

"Go boldly beyond the rainbow into a new dimension on a fabulous intergalactic journey to the gayest planets in space. Our glitter-powered starship hits warp speed tonight, exploring worlds where weird is wonderful, aliens abound, and all creatures prosper. Hop aboard, don’t panic, and let our musical crew transport you to another realm."

Into the Deep

"Dive into our mystical and mythical underwater utopian world.  From friendly mermaids to trident-wielding gods to innocent seahorses, you never know what you’ll find. Take a dive into the unknown and treasures will abound in this undersea lost world. Every type of sea creature, lost sailor, shipwrecked cruise ship passenger, and of course ordinary landlubbers welcome."




Neon Playground


 "Fast, flashy, bright, and silly! We’re turning Studio B into a musical playground filled with bouncy sounds that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Neon, sparkles, and lights are the way to go, and don’t take yourselves too seriously!"


White Hot


"Let your imagination run wild at Atlantis’ pinnacle party. Sizzle in the moment, dress up or down in one simple color that everyone looks good in. Be as creative as your dreams, as sexy as your desires, as irreverent as your laughs, or keep it simple with your favorite white shorts. All are welcome here at an epic party heading into dawn and beyond!"

I hope that helps you with your costume shopping!!

Make sure to check out my FatBoyDoug YouTube Channel for videos on how else to prepare for your Atlantis Gay Cruises! 


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