I Hate Pickpockets

I Hate Pickpockets

When you ask me what I despise most in the world, what immediately comes to mind are the pickpockets that prey on the ravers just wanting to have a good time at a festival.

Instead of enjoying the music, enjoying the company around you, we constantly have to think about securing our phones because, in an instant, the pickpockets can show up, swipe your phone, pass it off to their pickpocket partners, and then they're gone!

I wish we wouldn't have to worry about things like this when we're just trying to have fun, but unfortunately, that's the reality.

So it's important that we're well prepared when entering a festival, and try to make it as hard as possible for these pickpockets to succeed.

Lunchbox Packs - Anti-Theft Hydration Bag


The pickpockets have become a stealthy, organized crime ring and they're REALLY good at stealing stuff. So the best thing you can do is to make it HARDER for them to steal your stuff. If they have to spend more than a few seconds on you, then they're just going to move on to the next person who is an easier prey.

That's why having a bag like the LUNCHBOX PACK is so important. It was designed by ravers for ravers, recognizing that theft is such a huge problem at festivals. That's why the zippers are hidden and there are multiple layers of pouches, making it difficult for pickpockets to get your stuff.

It also helps keeps you hydrated during long hours of dancing! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this bag. It's what I will bring to every future festival from now on.

Head to Lunchboxpacks.com and customize your pack with EL wire and interchangeable skins to show off your style! If you use coupon code “GAYALMANAC” at checkout, you’ll get a FREE skin!!

Phone Tethers

If you can put your phone away in a secure bag or locker, then please do so. But for those of you who like to have your phone out to take pictures/videos, then PLEASE get a Phone Tether!

Just click on any of the ones you see above - they help keep your phone connected to you. You can attach the tether to your bag or to your belt loop. Just anywhere that's connected to your body.

So even if you just put your phone in your pocket, having a tether will make it harder for the pickpockets to grab your phone and run off with it. GET A PHONE TETHER!

Burner Phones!

If you don't want to lose your valuable phone that has all of your photos and files on it, then get yourself a cheap burner phone to take to festivals! That way, if you lose it, it won't be the worst thing.

You can get an unlocked iPhone for under $150, which is still cheaper than paying for the deductible if you have Apple Care Theft & Loss.

Zippered Pockets

I'm going to reiterate: the way to avoid getting robbed by the pickpockets is by making it harder for them to get to your phone. So if you're going to put your phone in your pocket, make sure it has a zipper on it. And while pickpockets can still easily unzip your zippered pockets, it just makes them take a couple extra seconds, and they may just move on to the next person.

So don't just leave your phone in a zippered pocket - make sure you still have a tether. Having the combination of the two will definitely help a lot more.

Of course, I'm going to recommend our Gay Almanac VPL Booty Shorts, which features zippered pockets on both sides. PLUS there's an extra hidden pocket near your crotch for EXTRA valuables. Just click on the pictures above to get them on Amazon or grab them directly from our website: https://douglau.com/gayalmanac/shop

Cell Phone Bags

Personally, I like to keep my cell phone in its own separate bag that I keep around my ankles. I use a bag that has zippers and not just one with a flap to secure the phone.

The reason why I think it works is because pickpockets aren't looking down at your feet. They're focused on making sure people don't see them. Their targets are people's backpacks, fanny packs, and pockets. I don't think they're keeping their head down and looking at the ground.

Plus, if they do see your bag by your ankle, it would look pretty suspicious if they were crawling down by your feet. So, I personally like to use a cell phone bag by the ankles.

If you DO wear a fanny pack, make sure it's hidden UNDERNEATH your clothes. So buy a slim profile fanny pack that you can hide.

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