Things You Should Pack for Your Atlantis Cruise!

Things You Should Pack for Your Atlantis Cruise!

Whether you're a newbie or a veteran, there's always things that you wish you had packed for the cruise. Well, let us help with some of that! Here's a list of things you should definitely pack on your next Atlantis Cruise!

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Portable Speaker & Noise Machine

Have your own kiki in your cabin with a portable speaker to blast your favorite tunes!

In case any of your neighbors are having a really loud kiki and you want to actually go to sleep, a white noise machine will definitely help.

Portable Battery & USB Power Hub

Make sure you're able to charge all the different devices in your cabin with extra portable batteries and a USB hub. Check your cables to make sure you have the right ports!

Massage Gun

A massage with one of these massage guns feels AMAZING after a long night of partying and dancing. TRUST ME. You will LOVE it!

Health Supplies

Tie up loose ends.........

lets face it.... shit happens....

Motion sickness is REAL

Yes they do offer some motion sickness tabs in the med bay, but that may not be enough. We found the ear patches and wristbands to help A TON! Grab them now, this stuff is a lot more expensive on board

Get a little pump

The gym is going to be PACKED with people - but you still need to get a workout in! So just do it in your cabin with some resistance bands!

Sneaky Sneaky

Personal Hygiene

Condoms & Lube

Oral Hygiene

Hand Sanitizer

Shower Attachment

Douche Kit

Cruise/Party Essentials

Magnets for Door Decorating

Dry Erase Whiteboard Sheet

Gallon Zip-loc Bags

To help you organize all of your clothes and costumes, consider putting each set of costumes inside a gallon zip-loc bag and then labeling them! This way you can just unpack each bag when the time comes!


Going to so many parties with loud music can really damage your hearing! Equip yourself with some earplugs that still let the music in without compromising on the sound quality

Shoe Insoles

Your feet will thank you after long nights of dancing!!

Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder

Have everything you need close to your body on your fanny pack. And then put your water bottle in the holder so your hands are free to dance, shake hands, and grope! (consensually, of course)


Cool Shades

Grab some nice ones to show off, or some cheapies that you don't mind loosing, but remember it can be really bright during the daytime T-dances or while laying out on the pool deck.

Fans, Crop Tops & Tanks



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