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Gay Almanac

Anti-Theft Phone Lanyard

Anti-Theft Phone Lanyard

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Prevent your phone from being stolen with our Gay Almanac Anti-Theft Phone Lanyard.

Fit the pad under your phone case and feed the loop through the charging port hole. Then hook the lanyard to the loop. 

You can wear the lanyard around your neck or feed the lanyard through your belt loop. 

The lanyard is made extra long so you can still use your phone to take pictures while connected to your shorts. 

And the lanyard features our PANDA PROMISE:

  • Smile
  • Dance
  • Hydrate
  • Say Hello
  • Respect Others
  • Love Yourself
  • Party Responsibly
  • Consent
  • PLUR
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Customer Reviews

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Rathel hernandez
♥️♥️♥️ love it 😍

At first I was not sure the safety thing would hold my phone but YeaP… everywhere I move and go to my phone it’s with me. Recommended 👍👍👍