Atlantis Harmony Cruise 2023 - Costume Theme Ideas

Atlantis Harmony Cruise 2023 - Costume Theme Ideas

Go HERE for the 2024 Atlantis Cruise Themed Costume Ideas

Do you have all of your costumes ready for the February Atlantis cruise? If not, then let us help you!

To help you get your creative juices flowing, here's a costume shopping guide for you categorized by the party themes!


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Dog Tag T-Dance

"The troops come home for Allantis longest-running signature afternoon party. Show your creative strength at our first big outdoor party inspired by the joys of men in (small) uniforms. We'll provide souvenir dog tags, you do the rest."

The Dog Tag T-Dance is always the first T-Dance (daytime party) that you'll have on the cruise. It's the first chance to really get to know your fellow cruisers! You'll be given a military dog tag where you can put different colored stickers on it to show how "available" you are. Red means you're taken, green means you're fully available, and yellow means "ask first." And everyone is going to be dressed in their military best. So here are a few ideas for you to dress to impress! (Just click on each pic to be taken to its Amazon page)

Over The Rainbow Tea Dance 

 "This one isn't just about Dorothy or a scary multicolor tube-top from Pride. But that's a start. Show up as a singular color from your own personal rainbow, an Oz- like inspiration, or the worst combination of colors you can pull logether. And if you're just "over" the rainbow, come as you are and enjoy!"


Disco T-Dance

"Disco lives on as we lake you back to the glory days of the 70s with an afternoon of pure musical magic on the dance fioor. Artificial fabrics, excess facial hair. oversized shoes, and other obnoxious accessories welcome!"

Anoother staple of the Atlantis cruises is the Disco T-Dance, which is traditionally the last daytime party of the cruise. It's meant to be a silly and carefree party, full of amazing 70s disco vibes. So here are a few costume ideas to help you channel your inner Diana Ross!

Evening Parties

Mother Earth

"Our planet needs some love and care, so tonight, we celebrate the beauty of the elements around us: Fire. Water, Earth. Sky. Be a literal element or a person that's surrounded by one, or just come as an original citizen of the world! Let's try to cool down Mother Earth with some creativity and craziness."

Into the Jungle


"We're going deep tonight into uncharted territory, where things are as wild as it gets. In the only jungle at sea, you'll find scantily clad native wannabees, dangerous animal prints, hunters without mobile services, and maybe some strangely moving foliage. Follow the beats to the dance floor and watch out for the occasional castaway cruise ship passenger."

Neon Playground

 "Fast, flashy, bright, and silly! We're turning the Theater into a musical playground filled with bouncy sounds that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Neon, sparkles, and lights are the way to go tonight, and don't take anything too seriously!"


White Dreams

And the iconic White Party is definitely on EVERY cruise. So here are some creative white party outfits for you to try.

I hope that helps you with your costume shopping!!

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